Case Study - Sahara LED Logos & Letters Rebrand

Case Study - Sahara LED Logos & Letters Rebrand
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Sahara Exterior LED Logos & Letters Rebrand Project


2535 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Completion Date

October 31, 2019

Electronic Display Technology

(SMD) LED Pixel/Puck Channel Letters & Logos

Electronic LED Logos and Letters Features & Statistics

  • (8) letter/logo set wall signs and (1) main pylon letters/logo set
  • Each LED pixel/puck is programmable up to 16 million colors to allow for color effects and animations
  • 60 frames per second refresh rate for smooth playback
  • Custom color molding/finish matches customer’s branding and color scheme
  • IP65 ingress protection rating for durability in harsh desert environment
  • Custom app and template integration with new content management system (CMS)
  • Custom software to control daytime & nighttime LED dimming based on dynamic solstice and equinox calculations


When the SLS Resort was renamed Sahara Las Vegas on August 29, 2019, a huge rebranding renovation was undertaken by Meruelo Group. The scope of work defined a new exterior logo and letter signage package that included several exterior letter and logo sets. The customer outlined several requirements that made the project particularly challenging:

  • A large scope of work including a total of (8) building size letter & logo sets across the whole property that needed fabrication and installation in a short time frame.
  • The letters/logos need programmable LED pixels to change colors and display animations within the area of each letter to form a “screen” across all letters in the letter/logo set.
  • LED pixel housings must match the new brand color scheme.
  • LED pixels require auto-scheduled dimming for daytime and nighttime brightness to avoid complaints from residential neighbors.
  • LED pixels require scintillating color effects and animations on a schedule using content management software.
  • Letter/logo installation would be challenging because of their size and locations on building walls, atop tall building towers, and atop a tall pylon sign.


To address the scope of work and time constraints, Ad Art worked with (3) partner fabricators and added skilled installers so that all involved could work simultaneously. Ad Art staff worked hand in hand with Sahara staff, sub-contractors, consultants, and engineers so as to meet the installation schedule on time. Ad Art chose a variety of programmable, SMD LED pixel “pucks” from their product line to fill the various letters and logos, based on the letters size and viewing distance. To ensure the new LED pucks matched the new brand color scheme, custom mold coloring was added from the factory. The LED pucks, along with the computer based control system specified, allowed the letters to be programmed as several LED “screens” that could display content like any other LED screen. Ad Art provided content management software, custom HTML5 “apps”, custom content templates, and CMS training to Sahara staff to prepare them to use their CMS - not only to manage content on their new LED logos/letters, but on their entire existing digital sign network as well! A special effort was made to create custom software to control daytime and nighttime brightness based on real-time solstice and equinox calculations. Thanks to Ad Art’s expert crane operation and rigging crews, installation took place safely and efficiently. The outcome of these new dynamic LED letters and logos is that they not only identify the property’s brand, but they do so in a way that entertains and catches the eye, which has become a popular Las Vegas tradition.

Sahara LED pixel pucks installation

Color matched LED “pucks” mounted in large building letters installed on Sahara high-rise tower

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