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About Us
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AD ART is an award-winning national sign company that has helped thousands of clients build and maintain their brand for decades.  Our customers want a carefree partnership with a trusted company that performs on time, every time. Ad Art delivers.

As a full-service national company, we are comprised of 4 divisions:

  • AD ART for signage projects at new and existing locations
  • AD ART Electronics for LED, LCD, and programmable display systems
  • AA Sign & Lighting Maintenance for service and maintenance
  • Genesis Lighting Solutions for complete outdoor and indoor static (non-programmable) LED lighting systems

Ad Art has six locations based in California, Nevada and Texas.  Through our network of trusted partners, we have a nationwide presence.  With our comprehensive suite of products and services, our expert team can guide you every step of the way.

What Makes Ad Art Electronics a Smart Choice?

Many sign companies have been doing business for decades and are experts using traditional techniques and materials, but may not have entered the electronics market yet. Some may be reluctant to do so. Technology is constantly changing and affecting the way sign companies do business.  It is difficult to keep up with all the possibilities and options. How can both end customers and sign companies benefit from the products and services that the Ad Art Electronics Division offers?

Facts About Us That Demonstrate Our Strengths:

  • We have decades of experience with LED and LCD technology and a long history of successful installations and satisfied customers.
  • We are a full service electronics sign company that can provide minimal installations, complete turn-key solutions, or anything in between.
  • We are integrators that work with a variety of manufacturing partners so we can offer flexible options. We have multiple partners, so if one does not provide what is needed, we use another one that does.
  • We keep up with the latest technologies by using a “fully developed product” strategy. Instead of trying to keep up with industry trends by “reinventing the wheel” (developing our own OEM products), Ad Art validates and uses products already perfected by experts in their field.
  • We stock and repair our products in the USA, providing US customers with better lead and response times.
  • We take care of planning and permitting details.
  • We do our own artistic, fabrication, and system design to ensure value, so that every dollar in your budget is optimally spent to get the best possible outcome.
  • We install, commission, and provide quality assurance inspections as needed.
  • We provide content creation and management solutions, dynamic web based content management systems, and “dynamic data” based content.
  • We provide training to end users and sub-contractors as needed.
  • We integrate with sports scoring systems, video control rooms, A/V networks, IT communication systems, etc.
  • We fabricate complete signs or just electronics portions to suit our customers.
  • We fully support other sign companies who want to integrate our electronics into their custom sign designs.
  • We cooperate with trusted installers and fabricators to achieve a reliable nationwide presence.

Ad Art, Inc. was formed and incorporated in March 2003, following the acquisition of naming rights from a third party who had purchased the “Ad Art” name in a liquidation from the entity known as Ad Art Electronic Sign Corporation, which ceased business operations in or about November 2001.

Ad Art, Inc. is not a successor entity to Ad Art Electronic Sign Corporation.  This website is for informational purposes only, and nothing contained in this website shall establish, or be construed to establish, any successor or other corporate agency liability between Ad Art, Inc. and Ad Art Electronic Sign Corporation or any of its affiliates or predecessor entities.

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