Case Study - Sahara Resort Azilo Pool

Case Study - Sahara Resort Azilo Pool
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Azilo-Pool Outdoor LED Screen, Sahara Resort, Las Vegas


2535 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Completion Date

September 30, 2021

Electronic Display Technology

FS10 10mm Outdoor Surface Mount (SMD) LED Display

Electronic Display Features & Statistics

  • Massive single screen display (227 feet wide by 40 feet tall)
  • Nearly 8.3 million pixels total
  • 60 frames per second refresh rate
  • Hot backup redundancy of LED data distribution system
  • Custom integration of state-of-the-art content/video control system provided by others


Simply put, this is a massive outdoor LED screen. At the time, the Azilo Pool project at Sahara Resort was the largest single physical LED screen that Ad Art had ever attempted. Since the LED screen’s location is a heavily advertised local attraction that reflects on the customer’s name and reputation, the system had to be extremely reliable and performant. The system also needed to integrate with sophisticated 3rd party content management, video control, and distribution equipment provided by others. Finally, this extensive amount of work needed to be completed during the global Covid-19 pandemic!


Because of the physical size of the screen, its distance and viewing angle from the intended audience, and its outdoor location, Ad Art specified their tried and true FS10 10mm LED product with Novastar 4K control equipment. The LED control and data distribution system has redundant counterparts so that downtime is minimal during an unexpected outage. Ad Art staff worked hand in hand with Sahara staff, sub-contractors, consultants, and engineers so as to meet the installation schedule on time. Ad Art provided content management software training to Sahara staff to prepare them to use their CMS with live poolside shows and events. The end result is a truly mouth-dropping, eye-popping LED display that makes poolside parties go wild!

Novastar equipment

Novastar 4K controllers and fiber optic converters provide hot-swap redundancy

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Sahara Azilo Pool LED

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