Outdoor LED Playground

Outdoor LED Playground

Play with our online LED sign design simulator within its own 3D environment

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Ad Art Outdoor LED Playground ("LED Playground" for short) is an online 3D application that will allow you to create, view, and interact with an Outdoor LED screen from our FS product line, choosing your own parameters. In addition to adjusting pixel pitch, screen size/shape, and the screen's orientation relative to its environment, you can move around in 3D space to view the LED screen at different angles and distances. The intent of this app is to help the average viewer to visualize in concept how pixel pitch and sign size selection affects image quality at various viewing distances. It also attempts to simulate how the direction that the sign faces (north, south, east, west) affects its perceived brightness and contrast. LED Playground is intended to teach basic concepts by means of abstract simulation.  The app does not attempt to mimic reality.


Outdoor LED Playground uses WebGL which requires a modern, up to date web browser that implements GPU hardware acceleration.

User Interface:

Main features of the graphical user interface

To Navigate in virtual 3D space, use your mouse our touchscreen as shown below:

How to Use the LED Playground App...

As a Resolution Demonstration

Simulate how changing the size and pixel pitch of the LED screen affects image quality at various viewing distances.

View Screencast Tutorial - Resolution Demonstration

As an Environment Simulation

Simulate how direct sunlight affects perceived LED screen brightness and contrast during various seasons of the year and times of day.

View Screencast Tutorial - Environment Simulation

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