Case Study - Antioch Auto Center

Case Study - Antioch Auto Center
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1831 Auto Center Dr, Antioch, CA 94509

Original Installation Date

May 31, 2011

Original Electronic Display Technology

20mm Thru Hole (DIP) LED

Retrofit Installation Date

June 21, 2019

Retrofit Electronic Display Technology

10mm High Bright Surface Mount (SMD) LED


Ad Art designed and installed the original Antioch Auto Center LED screen in 2011. After 7.5 years of service, it was decided the sign had reached its end of life. The original 20mm LED screens had lost significant brightness and the electronics had become obsolete, so parts were no longer available to maintain the display. Because of budget constraints, which prevented the fabrication of a new sub-frame, the new LED cabinet and module dimensions had to match the existing. The challenge: how do you upgrade LED screens such that new LED cabinets fit in the exact same space as existing, when the original LED module and cabinet designs are obsolete and unavailable?


Because Ad Art is a system integrator, they were able to source a new manufacturing partner who manufactured custom LED cabinets to match existing LED cabinet dimensions using new modules with the same dimensions as existing modules. A newer LED display technology (SMD) and tighter pixel pitch (10mm) was specified that reflected the best “bang for the buck” value to the customer. This approach represented a true LED screen “upgrade” for the customer at a fraction of the cost.

Antioch Auto Center LED Parts

New SMD modules & custom LED cabinets matched existing dimensions

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Antioch Auto Center

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