Specialized Direct View LED Products

Specialized Direct View LED Products
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Ad Art Custom Manufactured LED Products

As system integrators, Ad Art is able to choose from a variety of vetted vendors to select products that are outside our standard product line in order to meet the needs and challenges of specific customers. In addition, since we have trusted relationships with our manufacturing partners, Ad Art is able to customize our standard product line to fit unique and specialized applications. This has enabled us to take on some pretty impressive projects. For example, First Republic Bank’s corporate headquarters in the Hudson Yards building in New York City required a completely new design for an LED panel that fit their unique specifications. This massive two story LED display wraps around 3 sides of an entire building (one city block) and contains a whopping 16.8 million pixels! Ad Art also was tasked with providing a computer and control system that could drive this massive amount of data. Ad Art delivered exceptional results on time and on budget. Ad Art can do the same for your next custom project.

Custom LED Panels

Ad Art Ultra Thin & Light Flexible LED Display

Curved Flexible LED Displays

Get as creative as you want with bendable LED display modules!

Flexible LED modules are a good fit for specialized LED applications like radius walls, arena center hung scoreboard rings, curved pillar displays, modern art displays, or any other situation that requires a flexible, curved direct view LED module. Ad Art has provided unique customer experiences with curved displays for university arenas, financial institutions, theaters, and casinos. Our proven experience designing, fabricating, and installing such displays has made it a pleasure for our customers to meet what would otherwise be a daunting challenge.

Flexible LED Module Features:

  • Bendable display supports customizable splicing of different shapes including concave, convex, cylinder, wave, sphere, etc.
  • Single module weighs ½ a pound, is only 8.6mm thick, and features pliability of 145° to perfectly fit onto different installation surfaces
  • Unique segmented splicing reduces splicing gap and magnetic modules allow for fine adjustment
  • Flexible front and rear service access provides more design and installation options
  • 140° viewable angle and 2.5mm to 3.9mm pixel pitch allows wide audience coverage
  • Ultra-high refresh rate and grayscale delivers exquisite images to captivate audience’s attention

Ad Art Rigid Transparent LED Displays

Rigid Transparent Displays

You can still look out while the world looks back at you

Rigid Transparent LED Advantages and Applications:

What do you do when you want to display digital content to the public, but it has to fit behind a glass window? Do you have to completely block natural light from coming in and the view of people looking out? Not any more. Ad Art is happy to present both indoor and outdoor rated rigid transparent LED displays. A perfect choice for window advertising in retail and shopping mall settings, stage background displays, showcase/exhibit displays, and stadium/arena curtain wall displays. Because they are thinner, lighter, run cooler, and are more energy efficient than conventional LED displays, less structure and electricity is needed to carry structural and electrical loads. Since contrast is such a vital component to image quality, contrast levels can be achieved from control of the environment by the end user, or control of content by the end user, to suit their presentation goals.

Rigid Transparent LED Features:

  • Up to 70% transparency with 3840Hz high refresh rate produces vivid imagery, yet the items behind the screen remain visible
  • Indoor panel thickness of 75mm and lightweight construction (only 5kg/㎡) allows quick installation and saves space
  • Outdoor aluminum cabinet thickness of 65mm and lightweight construction (only 13kg/㎡) provide versatile installation options
  • IP66 protection with anti-falling rope and double-sided gluing craftsmanship resists extreme weather in outdoor models
  • Excellent heat dissipation brings lower electricity consumption and helps save 30% energy compared to traditional LED screens
  • Different brightness configurations can be configured (up to 7000 NITs) to fit your display environment
  • Front & rear serviceability and single module replacement design saves time and cost
  • Multiple installation methods are supported, like hanging or stacking
  • 3.9mm to 25mm pixel pitch allows for correct placement in a variety of audience viewing scenarios
  • Ultra-high refresh rate and grayscale delivers exquisite images to captivate audience’s attention

Ad Art Flexible Transparent LED Displays

Flex Transparent Adhesive Panels

Transparent and flexible LED product combines the best of both technologies

Flex Transparent LED Advantages and Applications:

A true next generation innovation in transparent LED technology, Ad Art flex transparent displays are even more versatile, thin, and lightweight than our rigid transparent systems. Designed to be adhered directly to glass, this transparent product does not require any special structure for installation. Another unique feature is these modules can be cut to size and shape in the field, allowing for irregular shaped screens. Just cut and glue the bendable LED film onto the surfaces of any curved glass or window, then complete the installation by just connecting the signal & power. This functional design makes application to any glass window, door, or curtain wall quick and easy.

Flex Transparent LED Features:

  • Micron-level luminous source brings 70% transparency and allows the attaching glass to remain visible without lighting interference
  • Panel thickness of 3.5mm and lightweight construction (only 3.5kg/㎡) allows quick installation and saves space
  • Adopted flexible FPC material resists impact up to 2kg/㎡
  • 160° viewable angle allows wider audience coverage
  • Superior heat dissipation with high photoelectric conversion rate extends working lifespan
  • Different brightness configurations can be configured (up to 5500 NITs) to fit your display environment
  • 6.5mm to 20mm pixel pitch allows for correct placement in a variety of audience viewing scenarios
  • High refresh rate and grayscale delivers sharp colors

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Custom Direct View LED Products

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