Case Study - Circa Casino

Case Study - Circa Casino
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LED Bulb Façade, Circa Casino & Resort


8 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Completion Date

November 02, 2020

Electronic Display Technology

Custom designed and fabricated LED light bulb flasher system

Electronic Display Features & Statistics

  • Massive scintillating bulb display covers all sides of Circa casino level (an entire city block)
  • 52, 578 total light bulbs
  • Complex, offset bulb pattern is maintained throughout the installation
  • Custom designed circuit board and firmware produce classic 6-point scintillation in hardware
  • 561 custom designed gold light panels with complex curves and radiuses match building features


Tre-Builders of Las Vegas needed a scintillating bulb flasher system that mimicked the old style scintillating bulbs of classic Las Vegas fame in order to satisfy their client, Circa Casino. Considering the fact that authentic flasher systems are obsolete and not purchasable in the channel, they needed to find a sign company that could design and build this display from scratch.  Tre also needed to cover thousands of square feet of building edifice that twisted and turned around radius walls and curved shapes designed by the architect - all treated as a single display that followed a complex bulb pattern.  They needed this part of the project completed in just a few months to meet the opening date deadline. Finally, this extensive amount of work needed to be completed during the global Covid-19 pandemic!  How could this be accomplished before the building itself was fully constructed?


Circa Elevation Photo 2

Custom gold light panels using high efficiency LED light bulbs follow the compound curves of architectural features along the building’s exterior

Because of their experience with analog sign systems of days gone by, Ad Art was chosen to meet the challenges of this project. Ad Art designed and engineered from scratch a modern digital flasher system using high efficiency LED bulbs with a classic look.  They also designed from scratch gold anodized panels that house the LED bulbs.  Each panel had to be wired uniquely during fabrication to ensure a unique flashing pattern throughout the whole display. This guaranteed that no “repeat patterns” would be detectable anywhere on the display. The LED flasher control and data distribution system was designed from scratch to produce an authentic 6-point scintillation pattern. Ad Art staff worked hand in hand with architects, builders, consultants, and engineers so as to meet the installation schedule on time. Due to variable field conditions and a rushed construction schedule, every panel dimension had to be field verified before it could be fabricated, assembled and installed. The end result is a spectacular architectural enhancement with a nostalgic look that makes the modern Circa Casino a welcome newcomer to the downtown Las Vegas community.

Circa Elevation Photo 1 with Flasher

Multiple RS485 flasher control boards with custom firmware designed by Ad Art drives the massive scintillating LED bulb display that mimics nostalgic Las Vegas signage

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Circa Casino Scintillating LED Bulb System

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