Case Study - University of the Pacific Spanos Center Arena

Case Study - University of the Pacific Spanos Center Arena
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University of the Pacific Spanos Center Arena


1178 Larry Heller Dr, Stockton, CA 95211

Completion Date

February 20, 2019

Electronic Display Technology

6mm Indoor Surface Mount (SMD) LED Displays

Electronic Display Features & Statistics

  • (2) 15’ wide x 12’ tall Scoreboard/Videoboard LED wall mounted screens
  • (2) 62’ wide x 3.5’ tall LED “Ribbon” displays
  • (2) triple faced, hoop mounted LED time/shot clock units
  • Fully integrated, custom video control room, led control, and scoring systems
  • Custom integration with existing cameras and live video streaming system


Spanos Center Arena staff had established a comfortable workflow using existing scoring systems, cameras, and a live video streaming system. After some of these became obsolete, University of the Pacific required a completely new, “turnkey”, indoor LED display system for their basketball and volleyball sports programs. In addition, Spanos Center staff wanted to accomplish several modes of operation for both volleyball and basketball games whereby different fan engagement content, scoring data, and live video would be displayed on different displays at different times based on different events. This level of complexity presented a major challenge for Ad Art to design, specify, build, configure, install, and test all new systems that would integrate seamlessly with existing systems and still be flexible enough for various use cases. The system had to be user friendly enough such that, after staff were trained by Ad Art, the new workflow would fit well with the workflow that had already been established.


Because of the physical size of the LED screens, their distance and viewing angle from the intended audience, and their indoor locations, Ad Art specified 6mm SMD LED products with Novastar control equipment. Ad Art provided a customized scoring system from OES, a customized software/hardware show control system, on-demand media playback systems, video matrix switches, video processors, fiber optic based video distribution system, and audio components that seamlessly integrated with existing Spanos Center audio and video equipment. Ad Art staff worked hand in hand with Spanos Center staff to meet the installation schedule on time and within budget. Ad Art provided comprehensive training so that Spanos Center staff could prepare for and execute their first live event without a hitch. The end result is a smoothly operated “turn-key” system that makes the wide variety of content showing on the LED screens easy to manage while fully engaging University of the Pacific basketball and volleyball fans in the process.

Spanos Center Video Boards

(2) LED video/scoreboards at top of photo and (2) LED ribbon boards below (left and right)

Spanos Center Ribbon

Full view of a single LED ribbon board displaying tiger eyes graphic and scoring data

Spanos Center Control Room

“Turn-key” video control room systems by Ad Art seamlessly integrated with existing systems

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UoP Spanos Center Arena

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