Case Study - First Republic Bank, Hudson Yards

Case Study - First Republic Bank, Hudson Yards
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Drone footage of custom content wrapping the building as a single movie - courtesy of Telecine


460 West 34th St. New York, NY (Hudson Yards)

Completion Date

December 15, 2020

Electronic Display Technology

3mm High Brightness Indoor Surface Mount (SMD) LED Window Displays

Electronic Display Features & Statistics

  • 21 individual LED screens make up one giant, 2 story LED display (an entire city block)
  • Over 1.6 million pixels total
  • 60 frames per second refresh rate
  • Hot backup redundancy of control/content systems and LED electronic systems


Ad Art is a trusted electronic sign vendor for First Republic Bank (FRB). One reason for this long, successful relationship is because when FRB asks for something challenging or different, Ad Art rises to the occasion and delivers on their promises. There were many challenges to overcome with this project, requiring innovative solutions. First, FRB required a product outside of what was typically available to Ad Art: a 3mm, high brightness LED panel that was lightweight, and the correct size, for installation behind existing window bays. Secondly, this was the largest number of LED pixels that Ad Art had ever been tasked to process as a single image, something they had never attempted before. Third, since this location is a symbol of FRB's corporate image to the public, the system had to be extremely reliable and performant, reflecting 24/7 mission critical operation. Finally, this extensive amount of work needed to be completed in an unusually short period of time, all during the global Covid-19 pandemic!


Because Ad Art has a trusted relationship with their LED manufacturing partner, they were able to work with them to design and manufacture a completely new LED product that met the specific requirements of this project. To meet image processing demands, a new and very powerful graphics and control system was designed, engineered, and tested from scratch. The content and control systems have redundant counterparts so that downtime is minimal during an unexpected outage. To reduce manufacturing design time, production time, and shipping time, Ad Art and their manufacturing partner expedited processes and made special arrangements to ship product incrementally to the project site so as to meet the installation schedule. The end result is a truly impressive LED display that inspires awe, all delivered on time and on budget.

FRB Hudson Yards Custom Parts

LED modules, panels, and control system were custom designed and built for this project

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FRB Hudson Yards

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