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Digital Sign Support
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Standing by, ready to assist

As is the case with all electrical systems, a new electronic sign will be in a constant state of wear from the time it is energized until the time components begin to fail or are taken out of service for maintenance.  Even though the system is designed to withstand normal wear and tear for considerable duration, outages of various kinds are inevitable.

For this reason, Ad Art has in place a Service Department that will assist with outages in a timely manner.  The Service Department can also assist with issues that require remote technical support. Computer related (hardware/software), network related, training related, content related, and other technical support issues can often times be resolved with advice given over the phone or by remote control of a sign’s computer system by Ad Art technical support staff.

The procedure to deal with any issue related to an electronic sign is simple.  Just email us and type a description of the issue you are having in the body of the email.  If possible, it is very helpful if you could attach photographs of symptoms to your email message.  Service Department staff (real people, not an automated system) will reply promptly. Typically, a Service Case (or ticket) will be opened so that your issue can be tracked and resolved in a timely manner.

What about costs? Issues that are covered under warranty or a service contract will not incur a charge.  Everything else will be charged our standard time and materials rate. Service Department staff will inform you of the exact rate and request your approval before any work commences.

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