Case Study - House of Blues Las Vegas

Case Study - House of Blues Las Vegas
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3950 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89119-1005

Completion Date

September 28, 2021

Electronic Display Technology

LCD Video Wall Display

Electronic Display Features & Statistics

  • 5x2 multi (1080p) LCD screen display
  • 9600 pixels wide x 2160 pixels tall
  • 60 frames per second refresh rate
  • Content Management System


So much to do in such little time, on a limited budget no less! House of Blues (Live Nation) in Las Vegas decided to remodel their concert venue while business was slow during the global Covid-19 pandemic. They had limited funds allocated for digital sign upgrades, so they decided to simply replace the existing LCD screens on their existing LCD video wall. They wanted to continue to use existing control hardware, but at the same time implement new content management system software.  This requires additional configuration and testing to ensure performance and compatibility with new and existing hardware.  Because of supply chain issues and other potential delays, there was great concern that the new video wall would not be ready on opening night, since the deadline was in just three weeks!


Ad Art sprang into action to source LCD screens that were superior in performance compared to existing screens, but matched the dimensions exactly. Because of limited availability, they were purchased from multiple vendors. Since this project involved new construction, Ad Art design staff coordinated with architects, engineers, and contractors to survey the site and locate all infrastructure needed to handle the new video wall connections and wiring.  To save money, Ad Art was able to re-purpose the existing frame that holds the LCD screens together and mounts to the wall. Just before opening night, House of Blues creative staff were trained how to use their new content management system (CMS) to handle their unique scheduling needs.  The end result is another satisfied Ad Art customer who was able to meet their digital signage requirements on time and on budget.

A refurbished frame & new LCD screens brought this video wall back to life in record time

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