Case Study - University of the Pacific Scoring Tables

Case Study - University of the Pacific Scoring Tables
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Completion Date

September 20, 2022

Electronic Display Technology

4mm Indoor Surface Mount (SMD) LED Displays

Electronic Display Features & Statistics

  • (5) 10’ wide x 3’ tall x 3’ deep scoring tables with front facing LED screens
  • (4) scoring tables combine to make one large LED screen (3072 pixels wide x 144 pixels tall)
  • 4mm SMD 2020 LEDs on BIM Pro 4 Modules and Panels
  • Content Management System for sponsor advertising and fan engagement
  • Custom designed frames and finishes to match motifs of existing tables that were replaced


Spanos Center Arena staff were in need of replacing their existing scoring tables used for their basketball and volleyball programs. They decided that the LCD screens used in the old tables were dull and antiquated.  They needed a new content management system (CMS) that would allow them to engage fans as well as advertise their sponsors.  The CMS needed to allow staff to update content from anywhere, not just on-site as they had been required to do with the old tables. In addition to using each table’s screens to display independent content, they wanted the added capability to combine (4) of the table’s screens into one ultra-wide display.  University of the Pacific (a.k.a. “UoP”) required the new tables to be lighter, easier to move around, and more durable than the existing tables. The system had to be agile enough such that the tables could be set up and returned to storage before and after games and events quickly and easily. Finally, the scoring tables had to provide ports for plugged-in devices to integrate with the facilities computer network using a secure, hard wired connection.  One major challenge for Ad Art is that they had never designed and/or manufactured a scoring table before this!


As a long time customer, University of the Pacific turned to Ad Art to custom design and build their scoring tables.  Even though Ad Art had never done something quite like this before, they were eager to meet the challenge so that they could gain entry into this segment of the market.  UoP staff was unsure whether to use LED displays, or stick with LCD technology they had been using. Ad Art performed an on-site demonstration with samples of both display types and it became clearly discernible that LED displays were much brighter and more consistent than LCD displays in that environment.  Even though the proposed LED screens have lower resolution, it was determined that it was sufficient for the application.  Because of the physical size of the LED screens, their distance and viewing angle from the intended audience, and their indoor locations, Ad Art specified 4mm SMD LED BIM Pro 4 Panels with Novastar control equipment. Ad Art staff worked hand in hand with Spanos Center staff to meet the installation schedule on time and within budget. Ad Art provided comprehensive training so that Spanos Center staff could prepare for and execute their first live event without a hitch. The end result is a versatile system that makes the variety of content showing on the scoring tables easy to manage while fully engaging University of the Pacific basketball and volleyball fans.

UOP Single Scoring Tables

Custom fabricated, masterfully crafted scoring tables match school branding motif with high quality materials and “state of the art” LED electronic screens

UOP Scoring Tables Control System

Ad Art player computer and Novastar LED controller drive the LED displays (each of the four combined scoring tables daisy chain power and data connections).

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UoP Spanos Center Scoring Tables

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