Case Study - Lincoln Center Shopping Center

Case Study - Lincoln Center Shopping Center
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Lincoln Center Shopping Center, Stockton, California


Lincoln Village Mall, 374 Lincoln Drive, Stockton CA 95207

Completion Dates

April 22, 2019 (Lincoln Center South); March 7, 2022 (Lincoln Center Tower LED Upgrade)

Electronic Display Technology

10mm Outdoor Surface Mount (SMD) LED Displays

Electronic Display Features & Statistics

  • Triple faced LED sign at Lincoln Center Tower, double faced LED sign at south property
  • Content management system (CMS) set up for OOH 3rd party advertising at both locations
  • 60 frames per second refresh rate
  • Automatic hardware screen dimming via light sensor


It is a challenge to continually meet the changing needs of a good customer over the years. Lincoln Center Properties, LTD has been a loyal Ad Art customer. In late 2016, Lincoln Center needed to upgrade their iconic “Lincoln Center Tower” to include (3) new LED screens, a rotating (programmable) LED pixel filled “L” sign atop the tower, programmable LED strip lighting on the tower structure, and a new brick façade.  Ad Art was hired to design and build the electronic sign and, in April of 2017, completed the installation. At that time, Lincoln Center staff needed a content management system (CMS) that could handle “out-of-home” advertising for tenants and other 3rd parties, a revenue/business model they had never attempted before.

Later, Lincoln Center needed to add an additional double-faced LED pylon sign to their “Lincoln Center South” property that would also display 3rd party advertising. Afterwards, Lincoln Center needed to change their CMS when an unexpected pricing increase made their original CMS cost prohibitive.

Finally, after deciding that the original LED screens at Lincoln Center Tower were showing diminishing brightness and not providing enough contrast in direct sunlight, Lincoln Center wanted to upgrade the original LED screens (an older DIP design) with higher contrast SMD LED screens.

Who would help Lincoln Center meet all these challenges without disrupting their thriving and successful advertising business?  Every step of the way, Ad Art was there to provide solutions for their changing circumstances on time and within their budget.

Lincoln Center Original Project


Regarding the need for a content management system (CMS) that could handle “out-of-home” advertising for tenants and other 3rd parties, Ad Art specified and installed Scala SaaS as the original CMS and configured it for a complex, yet easy to use, workflow. This met their growing advertising needs until an unexpected price increase made Scala unaffordable. To solve that problem, Ad Art transferred Lincoln Center staff over to on all LED signs, saving the customer $1600.00 annually in subscription fees.  The transfer operation included setup of a new workflow, including all advertisements and schedules. Because the transfer was instant and training was provided in advance, there was no disruption to their business of displaying advertisements.

Since vehicular traffic is the main viewing audience, Ad Art provided 10mm SMD LED screens for both properties. For the Lincoln Center Tower LED upgrade, Ad Art specified their tried and true FS10 10mm LED product with Novastar control equipment. The LED control and data distribution system includes automatic dimming sensors. The end result is much higher contrast LED screens that perform well in direct sunlight.

Lincoln Center Before After

Original DIP LED screens (left) were upgraded to high contrast SMD LED screens (right)

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Lincoln Center Shopping Center

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