Case Study - Eve Zimmerman Tennis Center

Case Study - Eve Zimmerman Tennis Center
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University of the Pacific Eve Zimmerman Tennis Center


3382-3398 N Pershing Ave, Stockton, CA 95204

Completion Date

July 18, 2018

Electronic Display Technology

6mm Outdoor Surface Mount (SMD) LED Display

Electronic Display Features & Statistics

  • 12.8’ wide x 7.8’ tall LED Scoreboard/Video Board (wall mounted screen)
  • Multi-zone, multi-mode content display
  • Custom developed wireless remote control system for scoring
  • Custom developed tennis scoring software
  • Automatic screen dimming via light sensor


In 2018, University of the Pacific (UoP) finished construction of the Eve Zimmerman Tennis Center, a brand new facility dedicated to their popular tennis program. The facility required a completely new, “turnkey”, outdoor LED system that could act as a scoreboard and sponsor advertisement display during games, and still provide informational and promotional content between events. In addition, the system required wireless handheld scoring controllers that would allow staff to update scoring data in real time from anywhere in the complex. To add to the complexity, the system had to accommodate instant switching of different configurations of tennis matches (6 or 8 tennis games at a time) and sponsor advertisements. Finally, the project had tight budget constraints that limited Ad Art’s typical scoring hardware and software integration options.


Because of the physical size of the LED screen, its distance and viewing angle from the intended audience, and its outdoor location, Ad Art specified a 6mm, high-bright SMD LED screen with Novastar control equipment. Because of the tight budget, Ad Art decided to further develop software it originally created for the Yale University tennis program and customize it to suit the needs of UoP tennis. This led to the development of a new Android phone app - a clever, cost-effective solution that would allow remote control of the scoreboard using standard mobile phone technology. Ad Art designed, built, configured, installed, and tested a new wireless content and control system that exceeded requirements. Ad Art provided comprehensive training that empowered tennis facility staff to prepare for and execute their first live event without any glitches. The positive outcome of this project fully satisfied University of the Pacific tennis staff and their tennis fans in the community.

University of Pacific Tennis System

Custom wireless “turn-key” content, control, and scoring system by Ad Art

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UoP Eve Zimmerman Tennis Center

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