Electronic Sign Services

Electronic Sign Services
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Ad Art takes care of you during the entire project life cycle

Ad Art is aware of the investment it takes to own and operate an electronic display.  They are also keenly aware of the life cycle of digital displays. Therefore, Ad Art is not interested in just “selling a sign and walking away” from the customer.  They are committed to helping customers get substantial return on investment well after it is first energized. That is why they offer excellent ongoing services that support their customers and maintain the digital sign throughout its life cycle.

As a full service electronic sign company, Ad Art can create and maintain a complete digital sign system from inception to end of life cycle.  In addition to full “turn-key” service, Ad Art also provides services for just the portion of the project that may be needed. This allows them to be flexible in meeting your project’s goals on schedule and within its budget. Ad Art provides standard methods using standard products that are already value engineered for the “typical” digital display.  They can also create completely “custom” solutions for those special projects that need to stand out above the rest.

The Process

Whether tasked to construct new electronic signs on newly developed property, construct new signs on existing property, or replace existing signs on existing property, Ad Art has a clearly defined process in place to meet your project’s goals. They will guide you step by step along the way.


Potential customers meet with knowledgeable Ad Art account executives in order to define project requirements, budget, goals, intent, and the scope of work. They narrow down options to select the most appropriate technology or specific product that meets the needs of the project.


After the scope of work and budget are clearly defined, Ad Art staff will accurately estimate the cost of the project and present that to the customer. Because the industry supply chain is often volatile (and therefore cost sensitive), estimates are valid for 60 days.

Contract Signing:

After costs are approved by the customer, a contract is drafted and signed by both parties to guarantee they both understand and agree on terms. There may be contingencies defined in the contract, such as a building permit, that may nullify the contract if such contingencies cannot be met.  Generally speaking, a percentage of the total cost is provided as a deposit by the customer at this time. Once payment clears, Ad Art commences work on the project.


If permits are required, Ad Art handles all permit services and works closely with each state and local municipality from initial permit application to final inspection.

Procurement / Manufacturing:

If permits are required, Ad Art will begin purchasing the major components of the electronic sign after permits are issued. The factory will begin manufacturing, which typically takes 30-50 days to complete. After manufacturing, major components are shipped to Ad Art either overseas or by air. In the meantime, Ad Art is busy following the steps below.


If the sign will be installed on an existing developed property, Ad Art staff will survey the project site. With property locations that are still in development, Ad Art staff will work with architects, engineers, contractors, project managers, etc. to obtain construction documents that will help them through the design process. The purpose of site surveys and plan review is to evaluate existing or planned conditions, verify dimensions, locate staging/access areas, determine data distribution requirements, and determine electrical power requirements based on availability.

Design / Engineering:

After surveys and/or plan review, AdArt staff will design and specify the electronics system, structure, electrical/mechanical systems, and sign finishes. Staff will produce system diagrams, shop drawings, and other design documents as needed for each project.

Fabrication / Testing:

After all procured components have arrived from the factory and the channel, fabrication and assembly of the sign system begins. Components are connected, configured, and rigorously tested while energized to ensure precise and reliable function after installation.

Content Management System Setup:

Content Management System (CMS) software accounts are created and configured just prior to testing. Test content demonstrating proper formatting is created so that attractive messaging complementing the customer may be displayed to the public in an appealing way during installation.

Installation / Commissioning:

Installation of the electronic sign system is scheduled and coordinated with all involved parties. After all sign components are installed in their fixed positions, the sign is energized and commissioned. On-site final testing commences to ensure all sign systems and control equipment are fully configured, calibrated, and online.


CMS and sign operation training occurs just prior to or just after the sign system is commissioned. Information sign operators need to know in order to manage the sign and its content is fully demonstrated by means of a remote training session with a live trainer.


After final inspection, punch-list completion, and training, the sign system is transitioned from the construction phase of its life cycle to the service phase. The customer will be introduced to Ad Art’s service department with instructions regarding how to report and resolve issues during the warranty period and beyond.


During the rest of the sign system’s life cycle, Ad Art staff is available to handle support issues either remotely or on-site. Technical support is fast and responsive, typically reacting within 24 hours. Service contracts are available in order to reduce downtime with the goal of 24/7, hassle-free operation.

Content Creation and Management Services

Ad Art also has dedicated staff who provide creative services and/or manage customer’s content for them. They produce compelling digital content in the form of static images, video productions, animations, dynamic data presentations, and interactive apps. Digital content can be created and sold individually by request, or on a subscription basis following a retainer model.

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