LED Content Management & Control Systems

LED Content Management & Control Systems
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Content, Command and Control

An LED screen is just a portion of the complete digital display system. In order to have your LED screen display the content you want, when you want it, you need a video source (typically a player computer), LED control system, and content management system (CMS) software.  As system integrators, Ad Art has searched high and low to find a “perfect combination” of appropriate 3rd party products that exceed the needs of most use cases. In addition, Ad Art has developed proprietary computer system images that provide stable, reliable playback of content and allow for secure remote support. See below diagram of a typical outdoor LED sign system complete with control equipment and CMS software:

Typical Outdoor LED System

Ad Art Supported Vendors:

As system integrators, Ad Art is able to specify, test, and validate any product from any vendor in order to custom design an LED control system. However, Ad Art has chosen particular companies as standard, approved vendors because of the value their products provide. This allows Ad Art to streamline a cost effective solution for most use cases. Some supported vendors are:

Ad Art Proprietary Computer Images

Proprietary Computer Images

Meeting the challenge of constantly changing technology

It is not an easy undertaking to maintain computer systems that keep up with the latest display technologies. Keeping up with operating system updates, hardware driver versions, security patches and application releases is a sustained effort. Compatibility issues, security threats, and software bugs are constantly undermining mission critical performance, stability and reliability. Fortunately, Ad Art has on staff computer electronics experts that continually meet these challenges with a systematic and effective process. This ensures that computer systems provided by Ad Art are trusted to deliver your content, and only your content, as expected.

Computer Image Features:

  • Computers are designed to operate as “embedded devices” instead of PCs operated by human end users
  • Rigorous configuring and testing is performed for each image to ensure compatibility with all system components
  • Operating systems and BIOS are “hardened” for security reasons, so only necessary services are activated
  • All content and remote support network traffic is encrypted
  • Remote monitoring and support tools are included to program, configure, and maintain LED displays

Sports Stadium/Arena Control Room Systems

Sports Control Room Systems

Custom tailored video systems for command and control of scoring and content

Ad Art Advantages and Applications:

As system integrators, Ad Art is able to choose from a variety of trusted vendors to select system components that meet the unique needs of individual sports venues and sports programs. Ad Art staff have decades of experience designing custom control room systems that seamlessly integrate with audio, video and scoring systems at existing stadiums and arenas. This has enabled them to take on some impressive projects. For example, Ad Art developed custom software and wireless hand controllers for tennis programs at Yale University and University of the Pacific. They also designed, configured, installed, tested, and commissioned “state of the art” video equipment for The Citadel and University of the Pacific basketball programs. Other served venues include the soccer and football programs at Yale University and the Toledo University football program. Recent strategic partnerships with software providers, like Scorevision, make it even more cost effective for Ad Art to deliver sports control room equipment and LED displays to high school and collegiate markets.

Custom Control Room System Features:

  • Flexible system architecture allows for freedom to design a system that fits any budget
  • LED control room systems can be as simple or complex as needed to integrate with existing house video, audio and scoring systems
  • Only professional grade components from trusted manufacturer brands are specified
  • Computer and video control systems are secure, reliable, and performant
  • System components may include any or all of the following:
  • LED controllers, video processors, video switchers, replay systems, on-demand content display systems, cameras, video distribution equipment, scoring input devices, game clocks, fan engagement/game software, CMS software, etc.
  • System design is well documented and made available to clients
  • Training of control room operators is included

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LED Content Management & Control Systems

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