What is Glue on Board (GOB) Technology?

What is Glue on Board (GOB) Technology?
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Definition of GOB Technology

Glue on Board (GOB) is a technology used in the manufacturing of LED displays, particularly in the context of fine-pixel-pitch LED displays. In LED displays, the individual LED chips are mounted on a printed circuit board (PCB), and the traditional method of protecting these LED chips is by using an encapsulation process that involves adding a transparent epoxy layer over them.

However, in the case of GOB technology, instead of using a traditional encapsulation process, a thin layer of epoxy resin is directly applied over the LED chips and other electronic components on the PCB. This process involves "gluing" the components onto the board, hence the term "Glue on Board."

What are the Benefits of GOB?

The GOB technology offers several advantages:

  1. Improved Image Quality: The epoxy layer directly applied over the LED chips reduces light reflections and refractions, resulting in better image clarity and color reproduction.
  2. Higher Durability: The epoxy layer acts as a protective coating, safeguarding the LED chips and electronic components from external elements like dust, moisture, and physical damage.
  3. Slimmer Design: GOB technology allows for a thinner and lighter display design since there's no need for additional encapsulation layers.
  4. Better Heat Dissipation: The direct contact of the LED chips with the epoxy resin helps in efficient heat dissipation, leading to improved overall reliability and performance.
  5. Reduced Moiré Effect: GOB technology can reduce or eliminate the moiré effect, which is an undesirable visual artifact that can occur when fine-pixel-pitch LED displays are viewed from certain angles.

While GOB technology has its advantages, it also comes with some challenges. Repairing or replacing individual LED chips can be more complicated compared to traditional encapsulated LED displays. However, advancements in manufacturing and servicing techniques have been addressing these concerns.

Overall, GOB technology has been instrumental in enhancing the performance and visual quality of fine-pixel-pitch LED displays, making them more suitable for various applications, including high-resolution indoor displays and video walls. Ad Art can specify GOB coating as an option with all of its fine pitch LED products for a modest additional cost.

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